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Booze Geek of Bleeding Cool Interviews Birk!

I was so impressed with this wine. Having developed a taste for Chardonnay over the years, this has to be one of the best I have had.




Thanks for the love JVB Uncorked!

Three stunningly delicious white wines from three winemakers you need to have on your radar.

Thomas Houseman from Anne Amie, Elizabeth Clark from Airlie Winery, and Birk & Karl from Iconic Wine.



We love it when people love our wines!

(Photo via @JvBUncorked )

" I served a bottle of Heroine Chardonnay to a group of ladies who adored it, and against six other wines that night, it was the clear winner." JVB Uncorked.  

Very excited to hold our own in such a great line up, at least 3 of those bottles are wines we reccomend to friends.

Thansk JVB, hope we can share a glass together soon!


NYC Release Party for the 2013 vintage!

Thanks NYC for all the love! We had a great time celibrationg Iconic Wine turning five years old! and the release of our 4th vintage ever at Leon & Son, a great new wine shop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

If you couldn't make, we're sorry to hear that, but here are some photos of what you missed and make sure to make the next one!

Also, just a reminder Heroine 2013 is now available for sale, get it while you can!  CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS.



Vintage Hollywood 2015

We were honored to be brought back for the 4th year in a row to Vintage Hollywood Foundation's annual wine tasting.  This year Stanley Black of Black Equities opened up his amazing home at 10000 Sunset Blvd. to host the event.  Every year this event raises hundreds of thousands for the OPCC, one of the leading organizations developing ways to combat urban homlessness in the US.  The organizers, attendees, chefs, musicians and fellow vintners are all so generous and make the event a great party. We are very proud to contribute in our own small way!

Read more about the great things OPCC are doing!




Iconic now available in Louisiana

We were very pleased to take part in Uncorked NOLA trade tasting at Fulton Alley on September 29th.  In addition to meeting a ton of great people in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge wine scene, it was a great surprise to see so many other great winery friends there too!  

Looking forward to returning soon.

Louisiana keep an eye out, Iconic will be appearing in stores and restaurants by the end of October.



 Poured out of wine. Guess it was a hit!

Cheers NOLA, see you again soon.