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Vintage Hollywood 2015

We were honored to be brought back for the 4th year in a row to Vintage Hollywood Foundation's annual wine tasting.  This year Stanley Black of Black Equities opened up his amazing home at 10000 Sunset Blvd. to host the event.  Every year this event raises hundreds of thousands for the OPCC, one of the leading organizations developing ways to combat urban homlessness in the US.  The organizers, attendees, chefs, musicians and fellow vintners are all so generous and make the event a great party. We are very proud to contribute in our own small way!

Read more about the great things OPCC are doing!




Iconic now available in Louisiana

We were very pleased to take part in Uncorked NOLA trade tasting at Fulton Alley on September 29th.  In addition to meeting a ton of great people in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge wine scene, it was a great surprise to see so many other great winery friends there too!  

Looking forward to returning soon.

Louisiana keep an eye out, Iconic will be appearing in stores and restaurants by the end of October.



 Poured out of wine. Guess it was a hit!

Cheers NOLA, see you again soon.



Comic Books and Thoroughbreds - Grape Collective Features Iconic


Outside the Bay Area, few wine enthusiasts realize that California's wine scene is incredibly welcoming. This is understandable; we see our favorite winemakers on the covers of magazines and struggle to contain our excitement when new wines hit the market. So expecting to meet any big name in the flesh seems as fantastical as expecting to meet Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie on a trip to Hollywood...

So O'Halloran partnered with a buddy from college, drained his savings account, and launched Iconic Wine. When it came time to figure out a wine label, O'Halloran decided to combine his two passions by hiring an artist to adorn his wine with a superhero fit for a comic book. 





Bottling 2012 Vintage!

Dan loading boxes


Drinking near heavy machinery

350 Cases of Heroine 2012 Coming soon!



Birk Interviewed by The Juice

Learn about how Iconic Wine got started and Birk's new upcoming book Eat Ink to be released this fall!



Chefs With Tattoos, An Interview with Birk O'Halloran

Category: Food

What made you decide to become a sommelier?

I grew up in Ft. Collins, CO with kids from New Belgium Brewing and drank a lot of craft beer, but it wasn’t until I was in school for hotel administration at Cornell that I started taking a serious interest in wine and its role in the hospitality industry.  I was in my 20s and thinking of going to Costa Rica to work at a hostel. I was also taking a wine class and through that met Greg Harrington – at the time, the youngest person to ever receive the designation of Master Sommelier. He had just started Gramercy Cellars in Walla Walla WA and had talked about his struggle after graduating and not knowing what he wanted to do exactly, but decided to keep exploring his interest in wine. Greg was in his early 30s starting a winery and I thought I want a career I can brag about. He was one of the main people who made me realize I could use my passion for wine as a career. So after graduating, I moved back to Colorado to pursue a sommelier certification from the International Wine Guild and get my foot in the door at a wine shop.

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