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We Sell out at our DC release party! Hogshead and Mouton Noir Share some love.

 June 30th thanks to our generous host David White of who opened up his home, we launched Iconic in the Washington DC market.  June 30th Karl and I cooked for 40+ wine lovers, Somms and other industry people.  We thank everyone who came out and the boys at Hogshead had so much fun they had to tell everyone about.  Here are a few photos from their site and see the whole article here!

I really enjoyed myself and would love to see more release parties like this.  I prefer to taste and drink wine with friends which is essentially what this event was for me.
Our dear friend Andre Mack of Mouton Noir came to party with us and took some great photos! CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

The Ampersand Interviews Us!


Oh no we didn’t… oh yes, we did. Welcome to the first ever “Manpersand” interview. We’ve gotten such a positive response about our Ampersand Girls that we thought, why not include the men in the fun? Passionate & down to earth, intellectual & fun, these accomplished fellas are inspiration for both your professional & your personal lives. Giving a whole new meaning to style crush.

We’re thrilled to feature our friends Karl and Birk, founders of Iconic Wine as our inaugural Manpersands. Self-described “wine nerds,” these two college friends set out to bring their love of great wine to the world. Passion + good palette = perfect? You tell us…

xx MM


MM: Alright, let’s get warmed up. Fill in the blank section…


KA: If I could be anything in the world I would be… a dive shop owner somewhere warm.

BOH: If I could be anything in the world I would be… a wine-making, pro-snowboarding, astronaut trust-funder.

KA: Wine is best enjoyed…. Yes.

BOH: Wine is best enjoyed…. with friends.

KA: Success is… getting to do (and drink) what you really love.

BOH: Success is… security.

KA: Happiness is… a glass half full…and then refilling it.

BOH: Happiness is… balance.

KA: Sexy is… passion, in one’s self and one’s ideas.

BOH: Sexy is… confidence. I love someone who is comfortable with who they are and knows what they want.

KA: My Ampersand woman is curious & fiery.

BOH: My Ampersand women are Mary Jane & Selina Kyle.



Development Sketches for 2012 Label

Hi all,

Ming Doyle the amazing artist that did our label for 2012 Heroine shared her sketches with her fans so we thought we would too!




Terroirist - Winemaker Profile: Birk O’Halloran

Terroirist Profiles Iconic Wine and Birk-

Delicate, cerebral, skin-fermented Trousseau Gris, sourced from 32-year-old vines in the Russian River Valley farmed by maverick grape grower Peter Fanucchi. The wine comes in two bottlings — one, called “Secret Identity,” ages for six months in stainless steel. The other, “Secret Ingredient,” ages for six months in neutral French oak.

Electric, refreshing Chardonnay with a strong dose of minerality, sourced from the Sonoma Coast’s Michael Mara Vineyard and Napa Valley’s Linda Vista Vineyard, both farmed by celebrated viticulturist Steve Matthiasson. The Chardonnay, too, comes in two bottlings. One, the “Heroine Chardonnay,” is a blend of the two vineyards. The other, the “Heroine ‘MM’ Chardonnay,” comes exclusively from the Michael Mara Vineyard.

All are produced with the assistance of Dan Petroski, the brilliant winemaker behind Massican.

A vinous dream? Yes. But also the real life project of Birk O’Halloran, the New York City wine geek behind Iconic Wine.  ....  Read Full Article HERE


Photo Credit:


2011 Iconic Wines Chardonnay Heroine
USA, California
SRP: $35. The nose explodes with bright citrus fruits, tart lemons, lush lemon curd, lees, chalk, and the slightest hint of butter. On the palate, it’s well-balanced and just plain delicious. (92 points)

2011 Iconic Wines Chardonnay Heroine “MM”
USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast
SRP: $45. A lusher nose that’s marked by a beautiful combination of candied, meyer lemons and fresh, tart lemons. Behind the citrus notes, one finds complex notes of orange blossom, pears and green apples, some herbs, and hint of butter. Like the nose, the palate, too, is richer than the regular “Heroine.” (92 points)

2011 Iconic Wines Trousseau Gris Secret Identity
USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley
SRP: $29. Aged for six months in stainless steel. The color is a beautiful combination of orange and salmon. The nose is marked by apricot jam, fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, dried herbs, and some developed notes that impart some oxidative notes along with a sweaty muskiness. It’s a fascinating wine that would be a fun alternative to traditional rosé. (89 points)

2011 Iconic Wines Trousseau Gris Secret Ingredient
USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley
SRP: $29. Aged for six months in neutral French oak. Like the Secret Identity, the wine is a beautiful orange-salmon color. On the nose, the wine displays a hint more oxidation but the fruit somehow seems fresher — bright strawberries leap out of the glass, followed by apricots, melon, and herbs. On the palate, the wine is richer, offering a fuller mouth-feel and thicker, more mouth-watering acid. (89 points)

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