Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes

Iconic Wine is committed to making the kind of wine we like to drink. We think great wines have balance, focus and complexity while showing a strong connection and pride for the place they come from. We do this by enlisting the help of giants and fearlessly pursuing any means that assist us to reach our goal.

Growing up our imagination was captured by the cape crusaders of comics and as we got older those same feelings of excitement, inspiration and fantasy were cultivated as we fell in love with wine. Today we get to work every day with our heroes doing what we love so it only made sense to put the heroes of our youth that inspired us to dream big on the bottles of our dream job.

Iconic Wines is the brain child of Birk O Halloran and Karl Antle. We met in college and quickly became great friends bonding over our mutual love for whiskey, witty banter and all things nerdy.

Be Iconic,

Birk & Karl