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Giant Size - #2 MAGNUM 2018


Vintage: 2018
Appelation: California
Varietal: Chardonnay

GIANT-SIZE A project nearly 10 years in the making, this is the 2nd release of an ongoing series for Iconic. Inspired by large format single issue comics, the GIANT-SIZE series are extremely limited wines released in large format only. These wines are unique expressions, made only once and never released again. -THE WINE- In 2018 we selected the best barrel of Heroine Chardonnay made from the Escolle Vineyard and the best barrel of Michael Mara Chardonnay and combined them into a 80 gallon steel barrel. The wine aged 18 months before being hand bottled, unfined and unfiltered in November 2020. The result is one of the best chardonnays we have ever produced. -THE LABEL- Liana Kangas lent us her amazing talents for this label. Her label depicts the two heroines (Escolle and Michael Mara) traveling through a Jack Kirby-esque fermentation zone. There they travel through the microscopic yeast and enzymes that truly made this wine. (Ant-Man and The Wasp came out in 2018, so maybe we were both inspired by the idea of the Quantum Zone.) 198 1.5 LITER BOTTLES PRODUCED - Hand bottled, labeled and numbered.