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Michael Mara

Michael Mara 2019


Vintage: 2019
Appelation: Sonoma Valley
Varietal: Chardonnay

"Michael Mara Chardonnay represents near perfection in our mind of what chardonnay can be. Owned and farmed by famed viticulturist Steve Matthiasson, we are extremely honored to get a few tons a year from this small 4-acre plot. Located in the Petaluma Gap on cobble, gravel and alluvial soil of volcanic origin. This vineyard’s soils are so rocky and harsh, often a pneumatic drill had to be used to dig holes in order to plant the vines. The resulting fruit is stunted and extremely concentrated. Fermented with native yeast and aged in neutral French oak on the lees for 11 months. The wine is then transferred to steel barrels and aged another 12 months before bottling. The wine is then allowed to age another 14 months in bottle before release. 3 barrels produced"