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Myriad 2021


Vintage: 2021
Appelation: Clement Hills
Varietal: Cinsault

Myriad Cinsualt is made 100% carbonic and sourced completely from the exciting new Spague Vineyard in the Clement Hills. Planted in 2018, this young vineyard is already showing a lot of promise in the first commercial fruit. Planted in red rocky loam soils on the western side of the Clement Hills, the site gets the benefit of the rocky soils the AVA is known for while still getting some nighttime cooling from the delta breezes typical of farther west sights. The grapes were feremented whole cluster under CO2 for 16 days before pressing and finishing fermentation in barrel. 2/3rds was then transferred to stainless steel while 1 barrel remained in neutral French oak. Malolactic fermentation was halted at roughly 60% to preserve freshness. Since the wine doesn’t complete malo, it was filtered at bottling to prevent refermentation. When doing reseach on what to name this wine, we discovered Cinsualt has a Myriad of different names. Many of them hilarious- Blue Imperial, Mavro Kara Melkii, Pis De Chevre (goat utter), Poupe De Crabe (crab butt), Pousse De Chevre Rouge (Red Goat Shoot), to name a few. We gave all the names to the amazing artist Jesse Lonergan, known for his fantastical creature art, and told him to have fun with it. The result is a royal red goat riding a crab with a bubble cannon... and we couldn’t be happier!