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One-Shot 2020


Vintage: 2020
Appelation: Dry Creek
Varietal: Grenache

Dry Creek Valley Grenache 2020 One-Shot was one of those opportunities that was just too good to pass up. Due to the chaotic year of 2020 many wineries reduced production and we had the opportunity to finally work with some vineyards we have always wanted to. Typically we like to work hand in hand with our growers and develop long term relationships. Getting to know a vineyard is important in order to make great wine. One time opportunities to work with a site come up every year and we pass on most of them. However, sometimes there are opportunities too good to say no to. A trusted friend and winemaker tipped us off and we already knew the quality of the fruit from drinking their wines. Combine that with the incredible quality for price and we just couldn’t resist. (Even though we knew we could only make it once.) The wine is predominantly biodynamic farmed grenache from Dry Creek Valley. It is fermented in open top fermentors for two weeks and aged in barrel for 15 months. The grenache is blended with 12% pinot noir. The result is a medium bodied, elegant wine full of red fruit character. 720 cases produced... EVER. LIMITED RUN: Releases that are only made for one vintage. When they are gone, they are gone!