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Shapeshifter 2021


Vintage: 2021
Appelation: Mendocino County
Varietal: Pinot Gris

For over 70 years, the Nelson family has been farming in Mendocino. Since 1952 they have not just been growing grapes, but Bartlett pears, plums, Christmas trees and even raising grass-fed sheep who are allowed to graze in the vineyards during the winter. They are a true farming family with three generations living on and caring for the property just north of Hopland. The pinot gris grown here was planted over twenty years ago. The loam soils and valley heat produce a particularly concentrated style with lots of color for this variety. One could be forgiven for mistaking it for Pinot Noir when walking the vineyard. Shapeshifter 2021 was picked early to maintain acid. The grapes are foot tread and then cold soaked for three days to pick up color and tannin. They are then pressed and barrel fermented in neutral French oak barrique. The wine is then aged for 12 months on the lees before bottling. This bright apricot rose wine will continue to pick up body and golden in color, making it a wine that’s always evolving, not just in complexity, but in color as it ages. 215 Cases Produced