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Iconic featured in SciFi Magazine



A return to NYC Winter Wine Festival


Knocked ourseleves off the top as voted by the attendees.


Iconic Featured in Boston Globe

Two winemakers, making wild leaps

When you pick up a bottle in the “SK” series (SK stands for “Sidekick”), the first thing you notice is the front label. The illustration is done in the style of a comic book, a nod to a childhood passion for the genre. The cabernet sauvignon features a ponytailed caped crusader in a power stance. The character could represent the moxie it took for O’Halloran to make the leap into winemaking, but it’s really about honoring his mentors.


Vintage Hollywood 2016

We were very happy to attend Vintage Hollywood for the 5th consecutive year.  Amazing event raising over $500K for OPCC, an amazing organization leading the country in the new model for comnating homelessness.   We are honored to contribute in our own small way every year since out first release!



Hawk Wakawaka Attends the Michael Mara 2016 Winemaker Tasting


The stoniness of Michael Mara wines across producers and vintages reminds me of those runs through the mountains with a rock in my mouth – a mouthwatering wash of stones through the midpalate with a bit of earth and a flavor that’s almost salty but not – coupled with a bit of fog, a profound density of fruit, the flavor of which varies by picking time and cellar technique, and hints of forest resin.



Iconic 2014 Heroine Michael Mara Chardonnay 12.8% $TBD

Subtle and savory aromatics with a fleshier mid palate and a softer finish (that is not to call it either soft or unfocused) than the other vineyard examples, the 2014 Heroine appears to have a little more influence of malolactic fermentation than some of the other wines poured. Carrying a subtle palate of flavor with still good density and a punch of zestiness spun through the finish. Hints of verve, pith, and savor.

We are honored to be making wine from such a great vineyard and in such good company!