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Secret Identity is Yes Way Rosé

Ryan Arnold, director and sommelier for Lettuce Entertain You was interviewed and asked about some of his favorite rosé.

2016 Secret Identity, Rosé, California 

Pairing: Avocado & Arugula Pesto White Pizza with goat cheese, chili flakes, pecorino and parmesan from Stella Barra Pizzeria (Santa Monica, Hollywood, Chicago, N Bethesda MD). The Secret Identity is a red blend of Zinfandel and Syrah is unoaked and super approachable to the palate. The light roundness the Syrah melds really well with the texture of the white sauce, while the addition of avocado really brightens up the pie and palate, while bringing in an umami quality that goes well with the summer wine.


Iconic featured in SciFi Magazine



A return to NYC Winter Wine Festival


Knocked ourseleves off the top as voted by the attendees.


Iconic Featured in Boston Globe

Two winemakers, making wild leaps

When you pick up a bottle in the “SK” series (SK stands for “Sidekick”), the first thing you notice is the front label. The illustration is done in the style of a comic book, a nod to a childhood passion for the genre. The cabernet sauvignon features a ponytailed caped crusader in a power stance. The character could represent the moxie it took for O’Halloran to make the leap into winemaking, but it’s really about honoring his mentors.


Secret ID Featured in Business Insider Favorite Summer Wines

For easy opening at the beach: 2015 Secret Identity Rosé

For easy opening at the beach: 2015 Secret Identity Rosé


Secret Identity is made to be Iconic Wine's ideal summer rosé. Crisp and refreshing, screw top, and at only 10% alcohol, designed to be able to drink a lot on the beach, back porch or any outdoor space. Despite the freshness, it still carries enough fruit to be equally at home with kebabs off the grill once the sun goes down.